School is almost over   and this   last week   was the most stressful   one in the whole semester, I had to finish lots of homework but finally did it and I actually felt good. I’m kind of exited because I’m sure I’ll pass all my classes even though I didn’t do my best   to pass them. Everyone always says this but I’ll try to do better next semester because I learned that is for my own good plus since I love my career I like doing the assignments my teachers let me, I think that laziness is what doesn’t let do my homework and assignments I gotta change that. Besides homework and all that I did other things this week for example yesterday was the closure of the social service I was doing at a Foster House for my Ethics class. Everything went so good, I love when kids are happy, and the ones that were there were very happy, they were laughing and playing with all of us. We bought some pizza well a lot of pizza okay I’ll confess it was too much pizza. Those pizzas were huge I’ll try to get some photos so you guys can see the size of it hahahaha  we are so FATASS   because we also bought candies, ice cream, chips and Martha a friend of mine who was also in the team brought   CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES like hundred oh my goodness they were delicious specially the frosty that she actually made how I don’t know but I’m of course asking her for the recipe because it was beyond good, I couldn’t believe she made it hahaha ok too much talking about food, cough* cough* fatass* hahaha. I think the party went great and I feel good because the kids had a really good time with us , I love those kids because they are so nice, polite and dedicated to school they’re like the perfect kids I love them, the only thing that made me feel sad was when we said goodbye because they asked us if we were going to come back   we promised to come at least once a month and for Christmas to give them a present, they are such amazing kids who deserve to be happy, it feels good to see a smile on their face. At the end of the semester I think that besides knowledge I’ve gained charity spirit   towards the less fortunate ones like the kids we helped , because after seeing the conditions they live in I am very thankful to my  parents specially to my mom to always  see after me and try to be the best they can with my sister and me, so we never pass trough rough times, and if we did passed through some I know that it wasn’t because they didn’t try enough to avoid it , if it happened was because it wasn’t in their hands. I enjoyed helping this kids and yeah ! we made them happy. The project came to an end so my friends and I decided to keep on visiting the kids. That’s what happened yesterday, today I had to go to school to finish some homework, I woke up kind of early not that early actually but it’s friday c’mon 7:00 o’clock it’s early lol . A friend and I spend about 2 hours doing our homework and decided to go see how the   Languages Cultural   Week event was going, we got there early because they were barely arranging the stands and all that, so we left the only thing that got our attention was the bunnies’ sell, they cost $50 pesos and were very cute the one we saw was gray I guess there were others in different colors that was pretty much it then we took the bus to our homes. I got home early at 12 o’clock and laid on my bed to watch some TV, at about 5 my friend’s sister came to ask if I could go with her to the Bimbo’s expendio , when we got back I decided to g to her house and see my friend. She was watching movies and just had finished watching one, I got just in time to watch the other one , Oh boy! I LOVED IT,even though the movie was romantic I actually liked it , I think it is a really good movie and is Italian. The story was good because it’s something that happens in the everyday life. The movie was about a 17 year old who felt in love with this 37 year old man who is passing through   a love rupture, his fiancée left him before the wedding, she just left without   telling anybody. He was sad and didn’t want to know anything about love until he met Nicky (the 17 year old) while their relationship last he felt young and happy again, they felt in love everything was goo until his ex- fiancé came back, that’s when he dumped Nicky and got back together with his ex. Nicky was destroyed, she felt in a depression because she really loved him as she hasn’t loved anybody before. One day …… receives an e-mail anon from someone, but the e-mail was from one of his old co-workers to his fiancé, he couldn’t believed but then he realized that it could be possible and out of the sudden he decided to left his fiancé and go back to Nicky’s , but she was in Greece or somewhere over there. He left a letter to Nicky and went live to a faro where one day Nicky said it would be cool to live, he waited for Nicky there until she came and promised to love each other forever. I got kind of exited writing a synopsis about the movie but you should watch it I loved it plus during the movie there were some  quotes by famous writers and I like that. After watching the movie my friend and I had a little chat about boys hahaha you know girls’ talks , oh yeah ! and we stalked some people on Fb muajaja, Oh how I love FB lol. Now I’m here in my house finishing writing this instead of writing my essay that is due tomorrow in order to make the teacher revise them to put them in the portfolio that is due Monday o Thursday , and finally say bye to one class. I’m sleepy and I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to my dad’s office to do some homework since my internet is not working very well in this few passed days . NITE NITE! Everyone   thanks for reading and enjoy the fornunate or unfornunate events that happened to me, I men it depends on you point of view. My biutiful eyes are closing hahahaha lol BYEE :D  ( wrote on friday 19th )

Writer's Block: Cover me

Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?

The girl of Ipanema by Sinatra originally from Stan Getz I truely think it's a good cover  one that actually is worth listening to .  Does anyone know I'm in love with Sinatra? hahaha yeahhh !!!  I love his songs so much LEGIT lol haha,nah seriously I do love them, his voice and all everything Sinatra is perfect to me,  that's what a good artist/singer is  after  you listent  to  Sinatra please don't ask why I don't like  Justin Bieber or those type or artists I know "be open to all types of music"  but c'mon  sometimes it's hard, unless you're at a party that changes all :P

Here I go again !

It's been forever since I don't write a thing in livejournal, crap I just realized I actually missed  writing on this , well here I am finally doing it, I've gotta confess  my laziness  didn't let me do it hahaha.The last post I wrote was just the day before I started school  and now  few weeks before schools ends   I write again, it's so weird that it's been months since this  happened and it seems  like years to me, time flies it never stops I sort of hate that about  time. A lot of things had happened to me during all this time, for some reason school wasn't as cool as I had  expected I'm not saying that I don't like it. My classmates for example at the beggining  I thought they were so kind and nice and blah blah blah,but not most of them are  hypocrites  I don't  like  a lot of them is not like I hate them and want them to die no ,not like that  if I ignore them I'm fine but I would rather be in another classroom,but yeah whatever it won't be that easy to do it so  I'll stay where I am. Now let's talk about classes and all that, my classes are  easy  they're so easy that you think I'll do my homework  later I'll finish quickly, yeah right !   now I know the difference  between easy and quickly r.r  for this reason  I'm not doing so good at school because I do my homework a day before it's due and sometimes I don't finish on time or I forget to  do it, and the worse part of all is that I keep on  being late to shool fuck ! that frustrates me so much but still I don't do anything to change, I wish I could change it's for my own good c'mon  I hope I can change before it's too late, I hope  to pass all my classes this semester  and that my lateness doesn't affect me , besides being late I started to stop going to school ohh wtf !  yeahh  I've missed so many classes, if I finish this semester with all my credits I'll be the luckiest person ever  hahaha oh men ! I really really have the desire to change but I cann't or still don't want to I don't know, fuck DILEMAS  they're so complicated but so true at the same time.CHEEZ ! hahahaha I just need to finish up the rest of my assigments to turn in so I can say at the end of the month ( Nov. 26th ) I'm done with school at least for 2 month hahaha :P   This is all for today  it's just a quick update about  school, I'm finally 18 by the way  YAY !!!  I'm so happy hahaha  there's more I need to write but I think I better go off to bed because it's super late 4:37 AM for some may be  early  IDK :P wft !  that's crazy  better no to think about it,back to the topic lol this is one of the reasons I personally don't like sleeping in the afternoon  so good morning/night  ADIOS  I'm  going to bed good thing I don't have school tomorrow nor for the next 4 or 5  days until tuesday  :D  !   ahhhh  that makes me happy  !!!!!  :)

The big day : MONDAY

Today I was about to start writing about how I feel for almost starting school,but then out of the sudden I realized I didn't write anything about the day I found out I got into it,so today  I'll do it.
We were supposed to check the results on sunday July 11th on the newspapers,but my sister didn't wait for it ,so she checked them up on the school's web page at 4:00 am that sunday, hahaha but the fuuny thing was that I forgot my "ficha" number  and  we had to look for the "ficha", and when we finally  found it my sister looked for the number in the list  and there it was,I was so HAPPY! because is not that easy to get into this university(UABC),only 100 people made it for my faculty starting in august,and the other 100 starting in february,and I was into the 100 starting in august,ok I got too exited,hahaha but after that day I had to do a bunch of stuff to get everything I needed for inscription,those weeks went by fast,on Monday I start school,wow and cann't believe how this time just flew away ,seriously.Now I'm going to start with my story about how I feel like for  starting school,I know this is the beggining of one of the most important stages of my life and I want to start  good,stay good and improve every day to be a better student and person in all  aspects.I'm just a day away from facing reality,oh I'm so exited I get to meet new people,and in the  future they may become my friends,I'm getting this strange feeling of exitement and fear all mixed together,not easy to explain but holly mole! It feels weird hahaha,since the day I found out I was in, I started to wonder about my future friends but never realized that the hard part is introducing myself to others,it seems like I've never faced this type of situation before but I have,it wasn't easy at all,but the only hope I have for this is that everybody   is getting the exact  same feeling I'm getting,I hope so,at least people won't be that mean to me.I have  so many things to get done by tomorrow ! New school new people,the beggining of  all,now everything falling into place and : MONDAY is the big day.Wish me luck everyone I'll need it ,and thanks for reading this crazy post I wrote with my head all  mixed up,but it's just so many feelings I'm getting that is so hard to focus, this is all I have to say for now,I may write something else tomorrow,but we'll see.

Summer Camp ♥

It's been so long since I  don't write in this journal and here I go again.In this past month I've been doing my social service at a summer camp in Tijuana's Casa de la Cultura,at the begging I thought "I'm not getting vacations and blah blah blah" I said a whole bunch of stuff about doing my service since I was going to keep on waking up early hahaha by the way for me it's harder to wake up early than to not sleep at all,  weird ha but  yeah that's me.The first day  of my social service I didn't go hahaha ok that's another story lol,well I went the day after and that day I was in the office because "Shoco" (the person in charge) didn't have time to asign me a group,I was like mmm it's ok,but then one of the " inutiles" Dew gets me lol  haha told me " Hey we can switch rolls I mean since you're actually doing your service you have to take care of the kids" and I said " hmm yeah I guess" and  the next day I was asign to take care of my kids :) yay!! Since that day I kind of started liking them I mean they weren't that young,most of  my kids are btw 11-13 yrs old so we had some common interests hahha not ! the truth is that I didn't care about them the first days,but  than I don''t know how it happened  magic I supposed  haha I started caring about them :3 awww♥ Before the camp I never thought about how a parent feels about his son or daughter when they succeed in something or achived something they've  worked so hard for ,I don't know if you get me (Dew does c=) but after a month of spending time with them, taking care of them ,and sometimes even  yelling at them,today  I seriously  felt so happy  when I saw them perfoming all that they've been learning and practicing for the last past month,that I felt that all the time I spent at the camp was worth it because,for the first time in my life I felt  that I've done something good for someone else besides my family,friends or even myself,I don't how to explain it,it's just this really odd feeling of being part of someone's life and that you know you're important for that person and  part of their success is also yours.I'm so glad I had the opportunity  to be part of these kids lives because they made realize how happy my parents have felt about  anything I've done and that  I'll feel this way once again with my future children awww :3♥ I love these kids and not only the ones I took care of,there were also some other cuties in the other groups,and wait we had mini celebrities for example Mini Sheldon who is so dang cute  aww he even says bazzinga! love him ♥ and Mini Jacob hell yeah!  and  the not so famous Mini Vado  and his brother Chris I felt in love with that child hahahaha not! but he has the most beautiful eyes I've ever  seen,and yes "Tiernito" is not the only one in this world hahaha we found another one :O the music teacher  Jonathan and the "rastas" a guy from the ecology group hahaha xD.
For me  this was such a wonderful experience in my life and one I'll never forget  :) ♥


Sometimes don't you feel like there's something you need to know and is more than obvious that whatever you believe it is ,is exactly what you always thought it was,confussing right?,but then you realize that confussion is a way to make you wonder about so many things; confussion and reflexion, could they be related in a way?  Think about it for a moment , Were you confussed with this,but for some reason you thought  about it and then a reflexion came to your mind.. This is the answer they are so related to each other, that I  wonder, how could that be? And I just think that confussion is another way to make humans' lives a bit more interesting,and reflexion mmm..  well I think that is just the complement of it,it's simple if confussion never comes to your thoughts reflexion will only pass you by,and you would never even notice it did;well at least this is what confussion is for me,but what is it for you? 


Last day of school

Yesterday was my  last day of school,and so many things came to my mind,I asked myself  how come my life has changed so much in this short  time? I remember living in  Cali and wondering about my senior year  in high school,now today one year later I'm living in TJ and about to graduate  and  missing  all my friends I left there ; if someone would've tell me that this was going to happen I would've laugh and say " hahahaha dude you're insane" ,but now  here I am in a place where I belong and will always belong,the akward thing is that I don't feel I belong here,school was so different,people weren't what I expected but at the end I met good friends and kind of felt  comfortable where I was. This past school year  there were so many feelings  and so many  aspects in my life that changed, some were good others were just something  I wish I would never have  felt or have done,but life goes on and I won't  get stuck ,I'll move on learn from my mistakes and realize this had to happened because I feel  I'm more matured and gained some experience for the upcoming future.The day after my graduation ceremony  is when my new stage in life will start,and I wonder about how my life will be like  in a few months,when I start going to the university,new school new people to meet and the most important of all the beggining of my future,the beggining that depending  on how I direct it, it will affect me in a good or in  a bad way,I need to  focus in the  goals I've set for my life   and not let anyone or anything make me  loose the opportunity I'll have to be someone in life.
"And this marks the beggining of all"